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The Baldwin Project: Louisa de la Ramée

Louisa de la Ramée


(1839 - 1908)

1872 A Dog of Flanders

Charles Madison Curry and Erle Elsworth Clippinger in their Children's Literature (1920, 1921) give the following information about this author:

Louisa de la Ramée (1839-1908), an English novelist, is generally known by her pseudonym "Ouida," which was the result of a child's attempt to pronounce her first name. Her novels had strong popular qualities: intensely dramatic, with senti­ment rather high-pitched and always verging on the sensational. The intense human interest is constantly present in her work and accounts for her great vogue. Two of her stories, "The Dog of Flanders" and "Moufflou," have gained a permanent place in juvenile literature. They are popular among sixth, seventh, and eighth grade pupils.

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