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For detailed explanation, see Primary Manual, p. 56

There need be no phonic work with the first story, but, after its completion, the drill with consonant elements should begin and continue daily.

While reading the second story, the consonant work should be on r in red, h in hen, p in pig, and l in little.

With the third story, the consonant drill is on n in not, d in dog, y in you, and c in cat. Here drill in the phonic series should begin, and four of these should be done while reading this story.

With the fourth story, the consonant lessons are on m in man, s in so, b in but, and th in then, and drills on the phonic series from 5 to 8.

The consonant work while reading the fifth story is with f in fox, t in to, g in get, and k in kill, and phonic series from 9 to 12.

During the reading of the sixth story, the phonic drill will be with cr in cry, wh in why, and qu in quench, and phonic series from 13 to 16.

The consonant drills with the seventh story should be with ch in chicken, sn in snout, and sk in sky, and a thorough review of all phonic series already taught.

While reading the eighth and ninth stories, the consonant work will be with gr in gruff, th in thank, and tr in trip. Complete the series from 17 to 20 inclusive, and give a thorough review of all previous phonic drills. When this is done, the consonant elements will have been mastered. It will be noticed that the consonant elements are taught from words that have been taught in a former story. When the Primer is completed, there should have been thorough drill also on twenty of the phonic series.