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READING-LITERATURE: First Reader by  Harriette Taylor Treadwell and Margaret Free
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About This Text

The copytext for this on-line edition is READING-LITERATURE FIRST READER, adapted and graded by Harriette Taylor Treadwell and Margaret Free, illustrated by Frederik Richardson, Evanston: Row, Peterson & Company, 1911.

First printed in 1911, READING-LITERATURE FIRST READER is in the public domain in the United States. By U.S. law, it entered the public domain 75 years after its first publication. Since I have been unable to find dates of death for the authors and illustrator, I am unable to determine whether this work is in the public domain in Canada (where an author's published works enter the public domain 50 years after the author's death) or Britain (where works remain under copyright until 75 years after the author's death).

This text is designed to be printed. I printed it on an HP OfficeJet Pro 1150C using IE5 with top margin set to 2in and the other margins set to 0in. If you cannot print a serviceable copy yourself, contact me at Lisa@MainLesson.com and I will provide one to you for a fee.

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