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The Seven Sisters by  Jane Andrews
Table of Contents

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The Seven Little Sisters Who Live on the Round Ball
by Jane Andrews
Engaging introduction to the peoples of the world through the stories of the seven little sisters: the little brown baby; Agoonack, the Eskimo sister; Gemila, the child of the desert; Jeannette, the Swiss maiden; Pen-se the Chinese girl; Manenko, the little dark girl; and Louise, the child of the Rhine.  Ages 7-9
107 pages $8.95   



Table of Contents

Memorial of Jane Andrews
The Ball Itself
The Little Brown Baby, the Youngest of the Sisters
Agoonack, the Esquimau Sister
How Agoonack lives through the Long Sun-Shine
Gemila, the Child of the Desert
The Little Mountain Maiden
The Story of Pen-se
The Little Dark Girl who lives in the Sun-Shine
Louise, the Child of the Beautiful River Rhine
Louise, the Child of the Western Forest
The Seven Little Sisters

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