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Great Inventors and Their Inventions by  Frank P. Bachman

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THIS book contains twelve stories of great inventions, with a concluding chapter on famous inventors of to-day. Each of the inventions described has added to the comforts and joys of the world. Each of these inventions has brought about new industries in which many men and women have found employment. These stories, therefore, offer an easy approach to an understanding of the origin of certain parts of our civilization, and of the rise of important industries.

The story of each invention is interwoven with that of the life of its inventor. The lives of inventors furnish materials of the highest educative value. These materials are not only interesting, but they convey their own vivid lessons on how big things are brought about, and on the traits of mind and heart which make for success.

It is hoped that this book will set its readers to thinking how the conveniences of life have been obtained, and how progress has been made in the industrial world. While appealing to their interest in inventions and in men who accomplish great things, may it also bring them into contact with ideas which will grip their hearts, fire the imagination, and mold their ideals into worthier forms.

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