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For the Children's Hour by  Carolyn S. Bailey

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For the Children's Hour
by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
A choice collection of stories for the preschool child, carefully selected, adapted, and arranged by two veteran kindergarten teachers. Includes nature stories, holiday stories, fairy tales and fables, as well as stories of home life. Emphasis is placed on fanciful tales for their value in the training of the imagination and on cumulative tales for developing a child's sense of humor and appealing to his instinctive love of rhyme and jingle.  Ages 4-7
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C. M. L. from the fables of Æsop.

[318] OUT in the field one summer day an Ant was busy gathering grains of wheat and corn for his winter's store.

A Grasshopper who was chirping and singing to his heart's content saw the Ant and said:

"Why not come and chat with me instead of toiling all the day?"

"I am working to lay up food for the winter," said the Ant, "and some time you will wish that you had laid away something also."

"Why think about the winter now," said the Grasshopper, "when we have plenty and to spare?"

But the Ant went on his way and continued to work all summer.

When it came winter the poor Grasshopper was almost dying with hunger, for the snow had come and covered up all his food. Sadly he came to the Ant and begged for something to eat, but the Ant said: "No. If you had worked in the summer, instead of playing all day, you would never have come to want."

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