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For the Children's Hour by  Carolyn S. Bailey

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For the Children's Hour
by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
A choice collection of stories for the preschool child, carefully selected, adapted, and arranged by two veteran kindergarten teachers. Includes nature stories, holiday stories, fairy tales and fables, as well as stories of home life. Emphasis is placed on fanciful tales for their value in the training of the imagination and on cumulative tales for developing a child's sense of humor and appealing to his instinctive love of rhyme and jingle.  Ages 4-7
464 pages $15.95   




Eva Rowland. Copyright by "The Outlook."

Humpty, dumpty, dickery dan,

Sing hey, sing ho! for the gingerbread man!

With his smile so sweet, and his form so neat,

And his gingerbread shoes on his gingerbread feet.

His eyes are two currants, so round and black;

He's baked in a pan, lying flat on his back;

He comes from the oven so glossy and brown,

The loveliest gingerbread man in town!

And why is his gingerbread smile so sweet?

And why is his gingerbread form so neat?

And why has he shoes on his gingerbread feet?

Because—he is made for my Teddy to eat.

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