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Robinson Crusoe for Children by  James Baldwin



Table of Contents

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Front Matter

My Back Matter

I Wish to be a Sailor
I Make my First Voyage
I See Much of the World
I Undertake a New Venture
I am Shipwrecked
I am Cast Upon a Strange Shore
I Find a Strange Lodging Place
I Visit the Wreck
I Make me a Raft
I Carry Some Things Ashore
I Learn That I am on an Island
I have a Strange Visitor
I Find a Great Store of Things
I Build me a Castle
I Go a-hunting
I Keep Myself Busy
I Have a Great Fright
I Explore my Island
I Get Ready for Winter
I Make Me a Calendar
I Sow Some Grain
I Make a Long Journey
I Harvest my Grain
I Work Under Many Difficulties
I Become a Potter
I Build a Big Canoe
I Make an Umbrella
I Have a Perilous Adventure
I am Alarmed by a Voice
I am Happy as a King
I Learn to Bake and am Prosperous
I See Something in the Sand
I am Again Alarmed
I Make a Surprising Discovery
I Explore my Cave Further
I See Savages
I Discover a Wreck
I Make Another Voyage
I Have a Queer Dream
I Get Hold of a Savage
I am Pleased with my Man Friday
I Teach Friday Many Things
I Make a New Boat
I See a Strange Sail
I Make a Bold Rescue
I Have an Anxious Day
I am Called Governor
I Have a New Suit of Clothes
I Bring my Tale to a Close

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