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Stories of Don Quixote by  James Baldwin

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Stories of Don Quixote Written Anew for Children
by James Baldwin
A retelling for the youthful reader of the most interesting parts of Cervantesí great novel about Don Quixote, the eccentric gentleman who fancies himself a knight-errant. The adventures most appealing to children are included, and related in such a way as to form a continuous narrative, with both the spirit and style of the original preserved as much as possible.  Ages 10-12
229 pages $10.95   




The Adventure WIth the Barber
The Adventure With the Farmer
The Adventure With the Lions
The Adventure With the Merchants
The Adventure With the Monks
The Adventure With the Prisoners
The Adventure With the Sheep
The Adventure With the Windmills
The Adventure at the Inn
The Choosing of a Squire
The Duke and the Duchess
The Enchanted Bark
Getting Ready for Adventures
In Search of Dulcinea
In the Black Mountains
The Innkeeper of Saragossa
The Knight of the Mirrors
The Knight of the White Moon
The Last Adventure of All
The Library
The Lost Helmet
The Message to Dulcinea
The Ox-Cart Journey
Sancho Panza on the Road
Sancho in His Island
The Strolling Players
With Friends and Neighbors
The Wooden-Peg Horse

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