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Fables from Afar by  Catherine T. Bryce
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A CROW once saw an eagle carry a little lamb away to her nest.

"That is an easy way to get food," [70] thought the crow. "I shall steal a lamb myself."

Down from her tree she flew and pounced on a lamb. To her surprise she found it was too heavy for her to carry away.

"I must leave it and fly home without any supper," she thought.

But that was easier said than done. For when she tried to fly away, she found that her feet were caught in the lamb's wool.


While she was struggling to get away, the farmer saw her. He caught her and took her home to his children.

[71] "What kind of a bird is this?" asked the children.

The farmer laughed and said: "A little while ago, she thought she was an eagle. Now, I think, she knows she is nothing but a crow. If she had always kept this in mind, she would now be free."

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