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The Fairy-Land of Science by  Arabella B. Buckley

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The Fairy-Land of Science
by Arabella Buckley
Introduction to the wonders of the physical world: sunbeams and the work they do, the aerial ocean in which we live, a drop of water on its travels, the two great sculptors—water and ice, the voices of nature and how we hear them, the life of a primrose, the history of a piece of coal, bees in the hive, and bees and flowers.  Ages 10-13
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HE Ten Lectures of which this volume is composed were delivered last spring, in St. John's Wood, to a large audience of children and their friends, and at their conclusion I was asked by many of those present to publish them for a child's reading book.

At first I hesitated, feeling that written words can never produce the same effect as viva-voce  delivery. But the majority of my juvenile hearers were evidently so deeply interested that I am encouraged to think that the present work may be a source of pleasure to a wider circle of young people, and at the same time awaken in them a love of nature and of the study of science.

The Lectures have been entirely rewritten from the short notes used when they were delivered. [4] With the exception of the first of the series, none of them have any pretensions to originality, their object being merely to explain well-known natural facts in simple and pleasant language. Throughout the whole book I have availed myself freely of the leading popular works on science, but have found it impossible to give special references, as nearly all the matter I have dealt with has long been the common property of scientific teachers.



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