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Poems Every Child Should Know by  Mary E. Burt




"The New Arrival" is a valuable poem because it expresses the joy of a young father over his new baby. If girls should be educated to be good mothers, so should boys be taught that fatherhood is the highest and holiest joy and right of man. The child is educator to the man. He teaches him how to take responsibility, how to give unbiased judgments, and how to be fatherly like "Our Father who is in Heaven." (1844-.)

There came to port last Sunday night

The queerest little craft,

Without an inch of rigging on;

I looked and looked and laughed.

It seemed so curious that she

Should cross the Unknown water,

And moor herself right in my room,

My daughter, O my daughter!


Yet by these presents witness all

She's welcome fifty times,

And comes consigned to Hope and Love

And common-meter rhymes.

She has no manifest but this,

No flag floats o'er the water,

She's too new for the British Lloyds—

My daughter, O my daughter!

Ring out, wild bells, and tame ones too!

Ring out the lover's moon!

Ring in the little worsted socks!

Ring in the bib and spoon!

Ring out the muse! ring in the nurse!

Ring in the milk and water!

Away with paper, pen, and ink—

My daughter, O my daughter!


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