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Poems Every Child Should Know by  Mary E. Burt

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"Cupid Drowned" (1784-1859), "Cupid Stung" (1779-1852), and "Cupid and My Campasbe" (1558-1606) are three dainty poems recommended by Mrs. Margaret Mooney, of the Albany Teachers' College, in her "Foundation Studies in Literature." Children are always delighted with them.

T'other day as I was twining

Roses, for a crown to dine in,

What, of all things, 'mid the heap,

Should I light on, fast asleep,

But the little desperate elf,

The tiny traitor, Love, himself!

By the wings I picked him up

Like a bee, and in a cup

Of my wine I plunged and sank him,

Then what d'ye think I did?—I drank him.

Faith, I thought him dead. Not he!

There he lives with tenfold glee;

And now this moment with his wings

I feel him tickling my heart-strings.


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