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My Apingi Kingdom by  Paul du Chaillu




Capture of Two Baby Galagos
A Caravan
A Difficult Journey
Elephant Hunting
Farewell to My Kingdom
Fugitives from Slavery
The Great Falls of Samba-Nagoshi
A Herd of Monkeys
Hunting Monkeys with Dogs
Hunting from Canoes
Hunting with a Game Fence
Journey Back to Washington
A Kendo
A Large Hunting Party
Last Expedition in Apingi Country
Life in Senegal
More about White Ants
My Kingdom's Prospects
An Ostrich Hunt
Palm-oil and a Leopard
Porcupine Hunting
Pottery and Plantains
Preparations for Hunting
Preventing War in my Kingdom
Sailing for Senegal
A Sand-storm
Shark Fishing
Stories of Shipwrecks
Three Lion Cubs
Village on the Senegal River
Wonderful White Ants

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