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Stories of the Gorilla Country by  Paul du Chaillu




Adventures in Ngola
Another Gorilla Story
An Attack of the Fever
The Bald-Headed Ape
The Bay of Corisco
Dry Season on the Fernand-Vaz
Dueling Hippopotami
An Elephant Hunt
Expedition to Lake Anengue
Fishingóbut not Bathing!
Going into the Interior
Hunting Crocodiles
Hunting for a Leopard
Hunting with Nets
I Arrive among the Cannibals
I Build a Village
In Search of Cannibals
A Jolly Excursion Party
Journey through the Wilderness
Life among the Cannibals
More Gorilla Stories
Preliminary Chapter
Return to "Washington"
Return to Sangatanga
Return to the Coast
A Sea Voyage
The Slave Barracoons
The Slave King
Travel to Unknown Regions
Voyage up the River
We Capture a Gorilla
We Shoot a Leopard
A Week in the Woods
The Wild Country of West Africa
Yet More Gorilla Stories

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