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Stories of the East From Herodotus by  Alfred J. Church




Babylon Rebelleth Against the King, and is Taken
The Birth and Bringing Up of Cyrus
Cambyses Maketh War Upon the Nations Round About
The City of Babylon, Cyrus Taketh It
Croesus Consulteth the Oracles
Croesus is Saved from Death
Cyrus Maketh War Against the Massagetae
Cyrus Overthroweth Astyages
The False Smerdis is Slain
King Croesus is Defeated
King Darius Maketh War Upon the Scythians
The Kingdom of Darius
Of Certain Kings of Egypt
Of Certain Other Kings of Egypt
Of the Manners of the Egyptians
Of the Scythians and Other Nations
The Persians Conquer Egypt
The Story of King Croesus

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