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South Africa by  Ian D. Colvin



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The landing of Van Riebeck.

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[vii] IF it were not that I owed thanks to several, this little book might go without a preface. To the Editor of the Cape Times, Mr. Maitland Park, I am indebted for permission to use the material first prepared for his columns; to Mr. G. H. Wilson, of the same paper, for the help of his researches. If Mr. Lewis, the Librarian of the Cape Town Public Library, were still alive, it would be pleasant to thank him for learned assistance in happy days gone by: as he is dead I can only add my little tribute to his memory. To the Rev. Mr. Leibbrandt, late Keeper of the Cape Archives, all students of South African history must be grateful, and the Cape Government deserves recognition for the work they have done in the publication of the Archives, work which one may hope will be continued. For the share in this work of Dr. Theal, the late Colonial Historiographer, especially his translation of Portuguese State papers, I am also grateful, though, like Professor Cappon and other predecessors, I must in honesty confess disappointment in his historical writings. To [viii] Mr. Boosé, Librarian of the Royal Colonial Institute, and his Assistant, I own much thanks; and also to Mr. J.P. Collins, and Dr. C.L. Leipold.

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