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The Wonder Book of Chemistry by  Jean Henri Fabre

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The Wonder Book of Chemistry
by Jean Henri Fabre
Starting with a mixture of iron filings and sulphur, Uncle Paul awakens in his young nephews an eagerness to learn more about the properties of the elements. Through a series of carefully-devised experiments and conversations about the experiments, he leads the boys to an understanding of some of the basic principles of chemistry. Excellent as a follow-on to 'The Story Book of Science' and 'The Secret of Everyday Things' by the same author.  Ages 11-15
379 pages $14.95   




Air and Combustion
At the Blacksmith's
Burning Metals
Burning Phosphorus
Carbonic-Acid Gas
Compound Substances
Different Kinds of Water
A Drop of Water
Experiments with Air
Experiments with the Breath
Further Experiments with Air
Mixing and Combining
Nitrogen Compounds
A Piece of Chalk
Plants at Work
Simple Substances
The Slice of Toast
A Talk on Tools
The Two Sparrows

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