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Stories of Old Greece by  Emma M. Firth
Table of Contents

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Stories of Old Greece
by Emma M. Firth
Sixteen Greek myths, especially selected and carefully adapted for young listeners. Includes the stories of Arachne, Pandora, Clytie, Pandora, and a dozen other short myths. While the outlines of the stories come, for the most part, from the Roman poet Ovid, additional details are included to enhance their appeal to children.  Ages 8-10
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Table of Contents

Greece and the Greeks
Apollo, the Beautiful
Apollo and the Python
Daphne, the Dawn Maiden
Hermes and Apollo
Baucis and Philemon
Arahcne, the Little Spinner
Orpheus, the Sweet Singer
The Story of the Halcyon Birds
Epimetheus and Pandora
Perseus, "The Son of the Bright Morning"

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