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Stories of the Saints by  Grace Hall
Table of Contents





St Thomas, Apostle First century
St Stephen A.D. 83
The Seven Sleepers 250
St Lawrence 258
St Hippolitus 258
St Felix Third century
St Christopher Third century
St Nicholas Fourth century
St Spiridion 350
St Ursula 451
St Gerasimus Fifth century
St Corentin 453
St Patrick 464
St Bridget 500
St Ruadan Sixth century
St Mary of Egypt Sixth century
St Clothilde 534
St Launomar 583
St Kentigern 601
St Gertrude 664
St Deicolus Seventh century
St Gudula 712
St Giles 720
St Rigobert 749
St Elfleda Tenth century
St Henry of Bavaria 972-1024
St Edward the Confessor 1002-1066
St John Gualbert 1020-1073
St Margaret of Scotland 1045-1093
St Raymond Pennaforte 1175-1275
St Francis of Assisi 1182-1226
St Claire of Assisi 1194-1253
St Anthony of Padua 1195-1231
St Elizabeth of Hungary 1207-1231
St Gonsalvo 1259
St Louis of France 1214-1270
St Zita of Lucca 1281-1278
St Oringa 1237-1310
St Roch 1295-1327
St Umiliata 1310
St John of Nepomuk 1330-1393
St Bernardine of Siena 1380-1444
St Frances the Roman 1384-1440
St Jeanne d'Arc 1412-1431
St Thomas of Villanueva 1488-1555
St Francis Borgia 1510-1572
St Charles Borromeo 1538-1584
St Rose of Lima 1586-1617


St Clothilde January 3
St Rigobert January 4
St Edward January 5
St Gudula January 8
St Gonsalvo January 10
St Oringa January 10
St Kentigern January 13
St Felix January 14
St Deicolus January 18
St Launomar January 19
St Raymond January 23
St Bridget February 1
St Gerasimus March 5
St Frances the Roman March 9
St Patrick March 17
St Gertrude March 17
St Mary of Egypt April 2
St Ruadan April 15
St Louis of France April 25
St Zita April 27
St John of Nepomuk May 16
St Umiliata May 22
St John Gualbert July 12
St Henry of Bavaria July 14
St Christopher July 25
The Seven Sleepers July 27
St Lawrence August 10
St Claire August 11
St Roch August 12
St Hippolitus August 13
St Anthony of Padua August 15
St Rose of Lima August 26
St Giles September 1
St Bernardine of Siena September 8
St Jeanne d'Arc Ascension Sunday
St Thomas of Villanueva September 18
St Francis of Assisi October 4
St Francis Borgia October 11
St Ursula October 21
St Elfleda October 23
St Charles Borromeo November 4
St Margaret of Scotland November 6
St Elizabeth of Hungary November 19
St Nicholas December 6
St Corentin December 12
St Spiridion December 14
St Thomas the Apostle December 21
St Stephen December 26

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