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When the King Came by  George Hodges




At the Age of Twelve
At the Grave of Lazarus
The Broken Roof
The Carpenter's House
Christ Before Caiaphas
Christ Before Pilate
Crucified, Dead, and Buried
A Day of the King's Life
The Empty Tomb
The Good Samaritan
Heaven and the River
The Herald Speaks
The Herald of the King
The Herald's Head
In the Garden of Gethsemane
In the Land of Tyre and Sidon
In the Streets of Jericho
The King Among His Neighbors
The King Goes to a Wedding
The King Is Taken to the Temple
The King Returns to Heaven
The King Stops a Funeral
The King Walks with Two Disciples
The King in His Beauty
The King's Name
The Lad at the Foot of the Hill
The Last Supper
The Minister's Little Daughter
On the Way to Jerusalem
Palms and Psalms
Pharisees and Sadducees and Wedding Guests
The Pool of the Angel
The Prodigal Son
The Rich Man and the Beggar
A Rock for a Corner-Stone
The Sermon of the Seven Stories
The Sermon on the Mount
Shepherds and Singing Angels
The Stilling of a Storm
Three Days of the Holy Week
The Three Temptations
Twelve Baskets of Pieces
The Twelve Friends
The Vision of the Seven Fisherman
The Visit of the Wise Men
What a Blind Man Saw
Why the King Was Hated
The Wild Man of Gergesa
The Year One

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