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Saints and Heroes to the End of the Middle Ages by  George Hodges

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Saints and Heroes to the End of the Middle Ages
by George Hodges
An excellent introduction to the history of the church through portraits of twenty of the most important saints and heroes of the faith from the third century A.D. to the time of the Reformation. Includes Cyprian, Athanasius, Ambrose, Chrysostom, Jerome, Augustine, Benedict, Greg-ory the Great, Columba, Charlemagne, Hildebrand, Anselm, Bernard, Becket, Langton, Dominic, Francis, Wycliffe, Hus, and Savonarola.  Ages 11-14
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Front Matter

Cyprian, 200-258
Athanasius, 296-373
Ambrose, 340-397
Chrysostom, 347-407
Jerome, 340-420
Augustine, 354-430
Benedict, 480-543
Gregory the Great, 540-604
Columba, 521-597
Charlemagne, 742-814
Hildebrand, 1020-1085
Anselm, 1033-1109
Bernard, 1091-1153
Becket, 1118-1170
Langton, 1170-1221
Dominic, 1170-1228
Francis, 1182-1226
Wycliffe, 1320-1384
Hus, 1373-1415
Savonarola, 1452-1498

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