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Soldiers and Sailors by  Charles Horne
Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Front Matter

Cyrus the Great
Alexander the Great
Caius Marius
Julius Caesar
Marc Antony
Alaric the Bold
Clovis the First
Charles Martel
Pepin the Short
Olaf Tryggvesson
William the Conqueror
Godfrey de Bouillon
Edward I of England
Edward III of England
Edward the Black Prince
Bertrand du Guesclin
Henry V of England
John Huniades
Warwick the Kingmaker
Hernando Cortez
Francisco Pizarro
Gaspard de Coligni
Henry IV of France
Sir Francis Drake
Sir Walter Raleigh
Miles Standish
Albrecht von Wallenstein
Gustavus Adolphus
Marshal Turenne
Charles XII of Sweden
John, Duke of Marlborough
Prince Eugene of Savoy
General James Wolfe
Frederick the Great
Lord Robert Clive
Francois Kellerman
Michel Nev
Napoleon Bonaparte
Arthur, Duke of Wellington
Lord Horation Nelson
Israel Putnam
Anthony Wayne
Francis Marion
John Paul Jones
James Lawrence
Stephen Decatur
Oliver Hazard Perry
Sam Houston
Winfield Scott
Ulysses Simpson Grant
William Tecumseh Sherman
Philip Henry Sheridan
Robert Edmund Lee
Letter from Lee to his Son
Thomas Jonathan Jackson
David Glascoe Farragut
David Dixon Porter
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Count Von Moltke
George Dewey

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