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Famous Indian Chiefs I Have Known by  Oliver Otis Howard



Table of Contents

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Front Matter

Billy Bowlegs and the Everglades of Florida
Antonio and Antonito
Santos, and Eskiminzeen the Stammerer
Pedro, Eskeltesela and One-eyed Miguel
Cochise, the Chiricahua Apache Chief
Manuelito: a Navajo War Chief
Captain Jack, Chief of the Modoc Indians
Alaska Indian Chiefs
The Great War Chief Joseph of the Nez Perces
Moses, a Great War Chief Who Knew When Not to Fight
Winnemucca, Chief of the Piutes
Toc-me-to-ne, an Indian Princess
Mattie, the Daughter of Chief Shenkah
Chief Egan of the Malheurs
Lot, a Spokane Chief
Red Cloud
Sitting-Bull, the Great Dakota Leader
Washakie, Shoshone Chief and Friend of White Men
Homili, Chief of the Walla Wallas
Cut-mouth John
Geronimo, the Last Apache Chief on the War-path

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