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Kindergarten Gems by  Agnes Taylor Ketchum & Ida M. Jorgensen

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Kindergarten Gems
by Agnes Taylor Ketchum
A full collection of stories and rhymes for the youngest listeners. In addition to the usual fairy tales, folk tales, and fables, there are numerous stories about animals, tales of everyday doings, and stories of the seasons. The material is conveniently arranged in groups, with several stories and rhymes for each holiday and season throughout the year. Numerous black and white illustrations complement the text.  Ages 4-8
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Sunbeams through the door-way peep,

Shadows o'er the floor now creep;

Baby dear is rocked to sleep,

Careful watch the angels keep.

Rose-bud lips, too young to pray,

Tiny feet, too small to stray;

Dimpled hands, so tired with play,

Hushed in peaceful slumber lay.

Baby form, with face so fair,

Eyes of blue, and golden hair;

All the charm of beauty there,

Make her life a tender care.

Mother's heart is filled with pride,

As she lingers by her side;

Brother, sister, both must guide

Baby, through the world, so wide.

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