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Kindergarten Gems by  Agnes Taylor Ketchum & Ida M. Jorgensen





We are joyous to-day, for we little ones know,

When Froebel was born, tho' it was long ago;

We know that he lived, far over the sea,

And we are taught that he lived, for you and for me.

We know that 'teas he, gave us work with our play,

And how we do thank thee, dear Froebel to-day;

No longer we need to be old folks, 'tis true,

Before we are happy, in something to do.

With our rap-a-tap-tap and our tic-a-tac-too,

We laugh, and we sing, while we are making a shoe.

With our planes we make smooth, then hammer away,

And so are busy a part of each clay;

Like the baker, we knead our flour into dough,

Then into the oven, our light bread must go;

Like the brooks, we are growing while wending our way,

Like the bees we sip honey, and buzz on our way.

We are birds in the air, we are fish in the sea,

And we're just as happy, as happy can be;

With our rap-a-tap-tap and our tic-a-tac-too,

For we're so happy when we have something to do.

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