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Kindergarten Gems by  Agnes Taylor Ketchum & Ida M. Jorgensen

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Come to the window, brother, come quick,

The stars are falling ever so thick;

Up in the sky they look so bright,

Now they come down, Oh! how white.

Birdie, the stars are not coming down.

Look there on the sleeve of your gown,

That is a snowflake. Isn't it white?

I hope it will snow all through the night.

Then in the morning won't we have fun!

I can hardly wait for morning to come.

You must be a snow bird. Isn't it queer,

The first snow falls on this day of the year?

Birdie's birthday! Just three years ago,

You came to us in just such a snow.

From papa and mamma this much I heard,

"This baby of ours is a real snow bird."

* * * * * *

Whatever you're doing,

Bear this always in mind,

In all little things

Be both thoughtful and kind.

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