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Heroes of the Great War by  G. A. Leask



Table of Contents

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Front Matter

Australia's First V.C.
The First Airman to Destroy a Zeppelin
The Deathless Epic of 'L' Battery
The Great Deeds of Corporal Holmes at Le Cateau
The Undying Story of Captain F. O. Grenfell
Private George Wilson, who carried off a Maxim Gun
Corporal Dobson of the Coldstream Guards
A Thrilling Rescue in a Death-Zone
The Drummer-Boy who Took Command
Lieutenant Martine Leake, who Won Two V.C.s
Bandsman Rendle Rescues a Wounded Officer
The Immortal Deed of Sergeant O'Leary
Ten Heroes of Neuve Chapelle
Our Canadian V.C. Heroes
The Two Heroes of Hill60
Hero of the Second Battle of Ypres
Lance-Corporal Keyworth's Exploit at Givenchy
The Bravest Rescue of the War
Naval Officers who Penetrated the Dardanelles
Some Indian V.C. Heroes
A Trooper who Dragged a Comrade on a Shovel
Heroes of the Battle of Loos

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