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The Rainbow Book of Fairy Tales for Six-Year-Olds by  Lisa Ripperton



About This Book

The stories in this book were selected especially for six-year-olds. But older children may enjoy hearing them too. And beginning readers may delight in reading these tales for themselves.

The stories were selected from a wide range of sources, all of which are now in the public domain since they were published in the United States prior to 1923. In the course of my research I found many more tales than could fit in a single volume, so there will soon be other books, some containing more folk tales, others offering stories appropriate to the different seasons and holidays, and still others collections of tales on a certain theme. For the latest information about the books that are available see http://www.mainlesson.com. At this location you will find an online copy of this book, as well as many others that are suitable for children.

To produce the book in this form, I first scanned the text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, then edited it to correct spelling and punctuation errors that crept in during Optical Character Recognition, added formatting instructions with HTML tags, and posted it to the server at http://www.mainlesson.com. I then printed each story separately using Internet Explorer.

You, too, using the browser of your choice, may print copies of this book and distribute them widely, as long as you do so free of charge. For commercial distribution contact me at email address below.

I welcome feedback about this book, including errors in the text that I may have missed and suggestions for improving its format. Send email to me at lisa@mainlesson.com.

Lisa Ripperton
Chapel Hill, NC
November 30, 1999

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