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The History of Germany by  Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

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About the God Tew and His Children
Adolfus I of Nassau
Albert II
Albert the One-Eyed
Ariovistus, the First Great German
Arnulf of Carinthia
Charles IV, the Step-Father of the Empire
Charles V
Charles V
Charles V
Charles VII
Conrad I
Conrad II
Conrad III
Conrad IV and the Great Interregnum
Divided Germany
Divided Germany
The Downfall of Napoleon
Ferdinand I and Maximilian II
Ferdinand II
Ferdinand II
Ferdinand III
Francis I
Francis II
Frederick 1, Redbeard
Frederick I, Redbeard
Frederick II, the World's Wonder
Frederick III
Frederick the Noble and William II
Henry II the Halt
Henry III the Black
Henry IV
Henry IV
Henry V
Henry VI
Henry VII of Luxemburg
Henry the Fowler
Herman, the Hero of Germany
The Huns and Goths
Joseph I and Charles VI
Joseph II
Leopold I
Leopold I
Leopold II
Lewis I and Charles the Fat
Lewis IV of Bavaria and Frederick the Handsome
Lewis IV of Bavaria and Frederick the Handsome
Lewis the Child
Lewis the German
Lothar the Saxon
Maximilian I
Otto I the Great
Otto I the Great
Otto II the Red
Otto III
Otto IV
Philip of Swabia
The Rise of the House of Brandenburg
Rudolph II
Rudolph of Hapsburg
The Struggle Between Austria and Prussia
Teutons and Romans
Under the Heel of Napoleon
Under the Heel of Napoleon
Under the Heel of Napoleon
Wenceslaus of Bohemia and Rupert the Mild
William I, United Germany
Winfrid, the Apostle of the Germans

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