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Stories of the Pilgrims by  Margaret B. Pumphrey

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The "Speedwell"
At Scrooby Inn
Away to Holland
Back to England?
The Christmas Candle
Colonial Schools
Farewell to Holland
The First Thanksgiving
First Washing Day in New England
The First Winter in Plymouth
For Conscience' Sake
Friends or Foes?
From Amsterdam to Leiden
Holidays and Holy Days
The Home in Amsterdam
In Holland
In Leiden
Indians and the Jack-o'-Lanterns
A Little Milk Peddler
Massasoit and the Medicine Men
Meeting in Secret
A Narrow Escape
On the Canal
A Perplexing Problem
Plymouth Bay
Preparing for the Journey
A Royal Guest
A Savage People
The Sword of Miles Standish
Tit for Tat
The Treaty of Peace
Troubles with the Indians
Two Brass Kettles
Two Little Captives
The Voyage of the "Mayflower"
Water Babies
The Weekly Scrubbing Day
A Wild Land
Winter in Holland

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