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Men of Iron by  Howard Pyle

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Men of Iron
by Howard Pyle
The thrilling story, set in England in the time of Henry IV, of how Myles Falworth advances to knighthood and through 'trial by battle' restores the fallen fortunes of his family. With breathless excitement, the reader follows the adventures of the hero, sympathizing with him in his troubles, fighting in his battles, and rejoicing in his good fortunes. Numerous illustrations by the author add to the attractiveness of the volume.  Ages 10-14
299 pages $12.95   



Table of Contents

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Front Matter

The Blind Lord
The Refuge
Myles' Friend
A Farewell
A Dagger for Gascoyne
Sir James
A Fight
The Hearing
Order of the Rose
Hand to Hand
The Battle
The Forbidden Garden
New Friends
The Earl
The End of Boyhood
The King
A Lady Fair
Before the Joust
The Joust
A Visit Home
Prince Hal
The Painted Room
Blood Challenge
Trial by Battle
The Fate of Myles

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