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Pepper and Salt by  Howard Pyle



Table of Contents

About This Text

Front Matter

The Skillful Huntsman
         Two Opinions
         Ye Song of ye Foolish Old Woman
         A Newspaper Puff
         Three Fortunes
Claus and his Wonderful Staff
         Venturesome Boldness
         Superficial Culture
How Dame Margery Twist Saw Too Much
         Ye Song of ye Gossips
         A Victim to Science
         Play and Earnest
         The Accident of Birth
Clever Peter and the Two Bottles
         Ye Romantic Adventures of Three Tailors
         Fancy and Fact
         Ye Two Wishes
         A Verse with a Moral but No Name
Hans Hecklemann's Luck
         Ye Song of ye Rajah and ye Fly
         Pride in Distress
         Profession and Practice
         A Tale of a Tub
Farmer Grigg's Boggart
         Ye Story of a Blue China Plate
         Moral Blindness
         The Force of Need
The Bird in the Linden Tree
         A Disappointment
         Ye Sad Story Concerning One Innocent Little
              Lamb and Four Wicked Wolves
The Apple of Contentment

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