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Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales and Wonder Stories by  Louis Rhead
Table of Contents



Table of Contents

The Ugly Duckling
The Swineherd
The Snow-Queen
Little Claus and Big Claus
The Ice-Maiden
The Little Sea-Maid
Soup Made of a Sausage-Stick
The Wild Swans
The Constant Tin Soldier
Sunshine Stories
The Daisy
The Snow Man
The Nightingale
The Storks
The Red Shoes
The Snail and the Rose-Tree
Little Ida's Flowers
The Flying Trunk
The Tinder-Box
Five out of One Shell
"What the Goodman Does is Sure to be Right!"
The Rose-Elf
The Little Match-Girl
The Fir-Tree
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Darning-Needle
The Princess on the Pea
The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep
The Flax
The Leap-Frog
The Buckwheat
The Nis at the Grocer's
"It's Quite True!"
The Summer-Gowk
The Naughty Boy
The Girl Who Trod upon Bread
The Farm-yard Cock and the Weather-Cock
The Toad
The Happy Family
The Court Cards
The Beetle
What Happened to the Thistle

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