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The Children's Book by  Horace E. Scudder
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There was one little Jack, not very long back,

And 't is said to his lasting disgrace,

That he never was seen with his hands at all clean,

Nor yet ever clean was his face.

His friends were much hurt to see so much dirt,

And often and well did they scour:

But all was in vain, he was dirty again

Before they had done it an hour.

When to wash he was sent, he reluctantly went,

With water to splash himself o'er,

But he left the black streaks all over his cheeks,

And made them look worse that before.

The pigs in the dirt could n't be more expert

Than he was, at grubbing about;

And the people have thought, this gentleman ought

To be made with four legs and a snout.

The idle and bad may, like to this lad,

Be dirty and black, to be sure,

But good boys are seen to be decent and clean,

Although they are ever so poor.

Jane Taylor

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