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The Children's Book by  Horace E. Scudder
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THE Frogs being concerned at the free and easy way in which they were living, sent their elders to Jove to beg him to send them a king. Now he saw what simpletons they were and tossed a Log into the middle of the lake. The Frogs, frightened out of their senses, plunged at once into the very deepest holes. But after some time had passed, when they saw that the Log was stock still, they forgot their fright, and felt such contempt for it that they jumped up and sat on it. Thinking such a king not worth having, they went a second time to Jove, and asked him to change him. Then he gave them an Eel, but when they saw how stupid he was, they refused to receive him. So they went a third time to Jove, and wanted him to change this one too. And Jove, who was now angry, at once sent a Stork to them, who caught the Frogs and ate them up one by one.

The fable shows that it is well to trust God, and so to avoid wicked and troublesome rulers.


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