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The Book of Fables and Folk Stories by  Horace E. Scudder

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The Book of Fables and Folk Stories
by Horace Elisha Scudder
A choice collection of old folk tales and fables, attractively arranged and illustrated. Between each of the longer tales appear several short fables, offering a varied reading experience for the young reader for whom it is intended.  Ages 6-9
168 pages $9.95   




IN old times, the Frogs lived in a free and easy way, each one as he pleased. But the elders among them did not like this, and begged Jove to send them a king.

Jove thought them very foolish, and tossed a log into the middle of the pond. The Frogs were scared out of their wits, and plunged at once [162] into the deepest hole. By and by, they peeped out and saw that King Log was stock-still.

They began to grow bolder; soon they laughed at King Log. Then they jumped up and sat on the log. That was not a king, they said, and off they went to Jove, and asked him to give them a new king.

This time Jove gave them an Eel. But the Eel was stupid and the Frogs liked him no better. They sent a third time to Jove.


At this Jove was angry, and sent them a king of another sort. He sent them King Stork, and King Stork caught the Frogs, one by one, and ate them, till there was not one left.

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