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A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book One by  Ada M. Skinner and Frances Gillespy Wickes

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Minnie and Mattie

And fat little May,

Out in the country,

Spending a day.

Such a bright day,

With the sun glowing,

And the trees half in leaf,

And the grass growing.

Pinky-white pigling

Squeals through his snout,

Woolly-white lambkin

Frisks all about.

Cluck! Cluck! the mother hen

Summons her folk,—

Ducklings all downy soft,

Yellow as yolk.

Cluck! Cluck! the mother hen

Summons her chickens

To peck the dainty bits

Found in her pickings.

Minnie and Mattie

And May carry posies,


Half of sweet violets,

Half of primroses.

Give the sun time enough,

Glowing and glowing,

He'll rouse the roses

And bring them blowing.

Don't wait for roses,

Losing to-day,

O Minnie, O Mattie

And wise little May.

Violets and primroses

Blossom to-day,

For Minnie and Mattie

And fat little May.



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