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A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book One by  Ada M. Skinner and Frances Gillespy Wickes






Oh, Peterkin Pout and Gregory Grout

Are two little goblins black,

Full oft from my house I've driven them out,

But somehow they still come back.

They clamber up to the baby's mouth,

And pull the corners down;

They perch aloft on the baby's brow,

And twist it into a frown.

And one says "Must!" and t' other says "Can't!"

And one says "Shall!" and t' other says "Shan't!"

Oh, Peterkin Pout and Gregory Grout,

I pray you now, from my house keep out!


But Samuel Smile and Lemuel Laugh

Are two little fairies light;

They're always ready for fun and chaff,

And sunshine is their delight.

And when they creep into Baby's eyes,

Why, there the sunbeams are;

And when they peep through her rosy lips,

Her laughter rings near and far.

And one says " Please!" and t' other says "Do!"

And both together say "I love you!"

So, Lemuel Laugh and Samuel Smile,

Come in, my dears, and tarry awhile!



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