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A Child's Own Book of Verse II by  Ada M. Skinner

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A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book Two
by Ada Skinner
Second volume of A Child's Own Book of Verse, a three-volume set planned for use during the four primary years. This unusually fine collection of poetry was selected with the child's interests in mind. Includes sound rhymes and jingles to appeal to the ear, descriptive poems to create images in the mind's eye, lullabies and lyrics to warm the heart, and story-telling poems to stir the imagination. Attractively illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham.  Ages 6-9
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My Lady Wind is very tall,

As tall as she can be;

Her hands can shake the tallest bough

Upon the tallest tree,

And even reach up to the sky,

And twirl the clouds about,

And rattle them for thundering,

And shake the raindrops out.

And yet so light, so light she steps

Upon the flowers and grass,

They only need to bow their heads

To let my lady pass.

You cannot see my Lady Wind,

Though you can hear her plain,

And watch her tread the clovers down

That rise so quick again.

And I know just how she would look,

So tall and full of grace,

With bright hair streaming out behind,

And such a lovely face!

My Lady Wind is grand and strong,

And yet so full of glee,

She almost says, "My little maid,

Come, have a race with me."

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