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A Child's Own Book of Verse II by  Ada M. Skinner





The brown Owl sits in the ivy bush,

And she looketh wondrous wise,

With a horny beak beneath her cowl,

And a pair of large round eyes.

She sat all day on the self-same spray,

From sunrise till sunset;

And the dim, gray light it was all too bright

For the Owl to see in yet.

Jenny-Owlet, Jenny-Owlet, said a merry little bird,

They say you 're wondrous wise

But I don't think you see, though you're looking at ME

With your large, round, shining eyes.

But night came soon, and the pale white moon

Rolled high up in the skies;

And the great brown Owl flew away in her cowl,

With her round large shining eyes.


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