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A Child's Own Book of Verse II by  Ada M. Skinner

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A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book Two
by Ada Skinner
Second volume of A Child's Own Book of Verse, a three-volume set planned for use during the four primary years. This unusually fine collection of poetry was selected with the child's interests in mind. Includes sound rhymes and jingles to appeal to the ear, descriptive poems to create images in the mind's eye, lullabies and lyrics to warm the heart, and story-telling poems to stir the imagination. Attractively illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham.  Ages 6-9
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Canary birds feed on sugar and seed,

Parrots have crackers to crunch;

And as for the poodles, they tell me the noodles

Have chickens and cream for their lunch.

But there's never a question

About my digestion—

Anything does for me!

Cats, you're aware, can repose in a chair,

Chickens can roost upon rails;

Puppies are able to sleep in a stable,

And oysters can slumber in pails.

But no one supposes

A poor Camel dozes—

Any place does for me!

Lambs are inclosed where it's never exposed,

Coops are constructed for hens;

Kittens are treated to houses well heated,

And pigs are protected by pens.

But a Camel comes handy

Wherever it's sandy—

Anywhere does for me!


People would laugh if you rode a giraffe

Or mounted the back of an ox;

It's nobody's habit to ride on a rabbit

Or try to bestraddle a fox.

But as for a Camel, he's

Ridden by families—

Any load does for me!

A snake is as round as a hole in the ground,

And weasels are wavy and sleek;

And no alligator could ever be straighter

Than lizards that live in a creek,

But a Camel's all lumpy

And bumpy and humpy—

Any shape does for me!


From The Admiral's Caravan. Used by permission of the author.

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