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A Child's Own Book of Verse II by  Ada M. Skinner

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Little Prince Tatters has lost his cap!

Over the hedge he threw it;

Into the water it fell with a clap—

Stupid old thing to do it!

Now Mother may sigh and Nurse may fume

For the gay little cap with its eagle plume.

"One cannot be thinking all day of such matters!

Trifles are trifles!" says little Prince Tatters.

Little Prince Tatters has lost his coat!

Playing he did not need it;

"Left it right there, by the nanny-goat,

And nobody ever see'd it!"

Now Mother and Nurse may search till night

For the new little coat with its buttons bright;

But, "Coat-sleeves or shirt-sleeves, how little it matters!

Trifles are trifles," says little Prince Tatters.

Little Prince Tatters has LOST HIS BALL!

Rolled away down the street!

Somebody'll have to find it, that 's all,

Before he can sleep or eat.

Now raise the neighborhood, quickly, do

And send for the crier and constable too!

"Trifles are trifles; but serious matters

They must be seen to," says little Prince Tatters.


Used by permission of the L. C. Page Co.

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