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A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book Three by  Ada M. Skinner and Frances Gillespy Wickes





Wee Davie Daylicht

Keeks ower the sea

Early in the morning

Wi' a clear e'e;

Waukens a' the birdies

That were sleepin' soun'—

Wee Davie Daylicht

Is nae lazy loon.

Wee Davie Daylicht

Glowers ower the hill,

Glints through the greenwood,

Dances on the rill;

Smiles on the wee cot,

Shines on the ha'—

Wee Davie Daylicht

Cheers the hearts o' a'.

Come, bonnie bairnie,

Come awa' to me;

Cuddle in my bosie,

Sleep upon my knee;—

Wee Davie Daylicht

Noo has clos'd his e'e

In among the rosy clouds

Far ayont the sea.



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