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A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book Three by  Ada M. Skinner and Frances Gillespy Wickes

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A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book Three
by Ada Skinner
Third volume of A Child's Own Book of Verse, a three-volume set planned for use during the four primary years. This unusually fine collection of poetry was selected with the child's interests in mind. Includes sound rhymes and jingles to appeal to the ear, descriptive poems to create images in the mind's eye, lullabies and lyrics to warm the heart, and story-telling poems to stir the imagination. Attractively illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham.  Ages 7-10
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O have you seen the Pine Lady,

Or heard her how she sings?

Have you heard her play

Your soul away

On a harp with moonbeam strings?

In a palace all of the night-black pine

She hides like a queen all day,

Till a moonbeam knocks on her secret tree,

And she opens her door with a silver key

While the village clocks

Are striking bed

Nine times sleepily.

O come and hear the Pine Lady,

Up in the haunted wood!

The stars are rising, the moths are flitting,

The owls are calling,

The dew is falling;

And, high in the boughs

Of her haunted house

The moon and she are sitting.

Out on the moor the night-jar drones

Rough-throated love,

The beetle comes

With his sudden drums

And many a silent unseen thing

Frightens your cheek with its ghostly wing;


While there above,

In a palace builded of needles and cones,

The pine is telling the moon her love,

Telling her love on the moonbeam strings—

O have you seen the Pine Lady?

Or heard her how she sings!


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