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Christmas in Legend and Story by  Elva S. Smith
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Christmas in Legend and Story
by Elva S. Smith
An exceptional collection of Christmas stories, legends, and poems, that have distinct literary merit, a spirit of reverence, and an appeal for children. Chosen from a wide variety of sources by a pair of children's librarians, the stories represent the work of many writers. The selections are arranged chronologically, beginning with the birth of the Christ Child.  Ages 8-12
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When Christ was born in Bethlehem,

'T was night, but seemed the noon of day;

The stars, whose light

Was pure and bright,

Shone with unwavering ray;

But one, one glorious star

Guided the Eastern Magi from afar.



Then peace was spread throughout the land;

The lion fed beside the tender lamb;

And with the kid,

To pasture led,

The spotted leopard fed;

In peace, the calf and bear,

The wolf and lamb reposed together there.

As shepherds watched their flocks by night,

An angel, brighter than the sun's own light,


Appeared in air,

And gently said,

Fear not,—be not afraid,

For lo! beneath your eyes,

Earth has become a smiling paradise.

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