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Our Little Norman Cousin of Long Ago by  Evaleen Stein

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my young friend


whose enthusiastic interest in

story-book land is an inspiration

to one venturing within

its charmed borders


Very likely all you boys and girls of the age of the children in this story will learn, by and by, how important a part in history was played by the people of Normandy, especially under their Duke, William the Conqueror. And then, if you read this little book, perhaps you will say to yourselves, "Why, yes, we remember about those people, how they lived and what the children did in the days of Duke William!" And if you read carefully your histories, and books of manners and customs, and tales of that time, perhaps you will say also, "The doings of Our Little Norman Cousin of Long Ago must have been true! At any rate we are quite sure the author tried very hard to make those Norman children in the story behave as proper eleventh-century boys and girls ought to.





Bayeux (ba-yuh')

Brecey (bree-sa')

Briouze (bree-ooz')



Caen (kon)

Centeville (sont-vee'-ye)

Crecy (kra-see')

Dives (deev)

Epte (ept)

Eu (uh)

Falaise (fal-aze')

Gervaise (jer-vaz')

Goelet (jo-lay')

Guibray (je-bra')

Laon (lon)

Noireat (nwar-e-a')

Rouen (rwan)

Seine (sane)

Val-es-Dunes (val-a-dune')

Valognes (val-own')

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