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Aesop's Fables by  J. H. Stickney





LITTLE Fox was out playing one day, when a Lion came roaring along. "Dear me," said the Fox, as he hid behind a tree, "I never saw a Lion before. What a terrible creature! His voice makes me tremble."

The next time the Fox met the Lion he was not so much afraid, but he kept a safe distance and said to himself, "I wish he would not make such a noise!"

The third time they met, the Fox was not frightened at all. He ran up to the Lion, and said, "What are you roaring about?"

And the Lion was so taken by surprise that, without saying a word, he let the Fox walk away.

[6] It would not be safe for little foxes always to follow the example of this one; but it is often true that what our fear makes seem a lion in the way has no danger in it if we meet it bravely.

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