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Aesop's Fables by  J. H. Stickney





GOURD was once planted close beside a large and noble Pine Tree. The season was kindly, and the Gourd shot itself up in a short time, climbing by the boughs and twining about them, till it covered and overtopped the Tree itself.

The leaves were so large and the flowers and fruit so fair that the Gourd, comparing them with the slender needles of the Pine, had the assurance to think itself of greater value in the comparison.

"Why," said the Gourd, "you have been more years in growing to this stature than I have been days."

"That is true, " said the Pine; "but after many winters and summers that I have endured, the many blasting [163] Colds and parching heats, you see me the same that I was long years ago. Nothing has overcome me. But when your race is put to the proof, the first blight or frost is sure to bring down that pride of yours. In an hour you are stripped of all your glory."

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