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Aesop's Fables by  J. H. Stickney




HE Pigeons, terrified by the frequent appearance of a Kite, asked the Hawk to help them.

"You are the only bird of our acquaintance," they said, "that can protect us from our enemy. If you will take care of us, we shall feel safe."

The Hawk at once consented and took up his abode in the dovecote. But when the Pigeons had let him [121] come in, they found that he slew more of them in a single day than the Kite could possibly pounce upon in a whole year.

The oldest, wisest pigeon among them said: "When we are in trouble, we must not forget that there are other dangers than the ones we are suffering from. There is a proverb among men that tells them to avoid a rememdy that is worse than the disease."

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